FEEL GOOD SLIM Bamboo Toothbrush – Mix Horse Hair [元氣極細竹牙刷-天然馬毛] SGD12


Handmade Bamboo Toothbrush with 100% Biodegradable Natural Materials by Yuan Tai – 元泰竹藝社 , a company from Taiwan that has more than 30 years of experience specializing in bamboo crafts.


Brush head: 11.15mm width
Length: 18cm

About Moso Bamboo
Made with Moso Bamboo, grown for at least 3 years, from Bamboo Hill (南投.竹山) which is an eco-township in Taiwan.  Coated with sap from lacquer trees (akin to Japanese lacquerware) which dries to a smooth layer that is waterproof.


Care + Maintenance
Rinse clean the toothbrush throroughly after each use. Shake to remove excess water on the toothbrush.  Keep it as dry as possible, especially the bristles.  Store the toothbrush by laying it flat on a cup with bristles facing downwards.


Carton made of recycled paper and printed with environmentally-friendly soy ink.

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